The purpose of this satellite office is to strengthen cooperation with Taiki-cho and other areas in the Tokachi region toward the development of the Spaceport concept, to work toward the realization of a 3 km high-speed orbit, to promote joint research with Interstellar Technologies, and to provide support and cooperation for aerospace events held by Taiki-cho as an educational and community contribution initiative.

In addition to contributing to the promotion of Hokkaido’s aerospace industry and the realization of the Hokkaido Spaceport Project, we will fulfill our role as a center of knowledge by promoting regional and urban development, education and human resource development, and environmental conservation and disaster prevention measures.


Mebu 183, Taiki-cho, Hiroo, Hokkaido 089-2113

TEL:+81-1558-7-7222(or +81-143-46-5315)
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