This satellite office is a representative organization of JST’s co-creation place formation support program (COI-NEXT) regional co-creation field development type. It collaborates with Shiranuka Town as the organizing municipality, and three stakeholderorganizations (Kaneka Corporation, NTT East Corporation, Hokkaido Government), in order to realize the regional vision of “a rich food town where people want to gather and live, guided by the wisdom of the Ainu.” We have established an office at our university for the purpose of building a “co-creation base” and deepening educational cooperation with Shiranuka High School.

It will be used for Shiranuka Senreigaku lectures, COI-NEXT project events (Shiranuka Future Co-Creation Conference, programs for local residents, lectures, workshops, etc.), and will play a role as a co-creation base with the local community.


2-8, kita-2choume, nishi-4jyou, Shiranuka-cho, Hokkaido 088-0323

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