The Center for Shared Research Facilities is a shared equipment center that supports science and engineering education and research at Muroran Institute of Technology.The Center is a place where essential advanced equipment for advanced education and research is maintained, managed and operated. The Center is also responsible for the training of personnel involved in equipment. It also contributes to the community as an open core equipment sharing center.


  1. Management and operation of on-campus equipment.
  2. Joint use of analysis/measurement equipment from persons both inside and outside of the university (collaboration with University Collaborative Research Facilities Network, neighboring companies and other universities)
  3. Technical guidance through user training.
  4. Fostering human resources with advanced knowledge and skills such as measurement and analysis.

Equipment :
Electron microscopes, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance device, X-Ray Diffraction device, Mass spectrometers, Physical property measurement devices, others.


27-1 Mizumoto-cho,Muroran,Hokkaido 050-8585