How to spend college life

The lectures, laboratories, and facilities unique to Muroran IT are outlined here.

There are various places to learn


Students may study at the library between classes and after school.
They can study comfortably in the library with books and computers. If you have a problem, it will be solved immediately.


With abundant books and a study space, the library provides a comfortable learning place for students.

PCs can also be used to make a report, do design work, and search on the Internet. Students can also watch DVDs in the audiovisual space.


Muroran IT provides opportunities for students to experience the classes of individual departments. These photos show the Bridge Contest held in the Department of Mechanical, Aerospace, and Materials Engineering. College classes have a high degree of freedom, so students can take the initiative. Through exchanges such as group work, students can make more friends.

What is the Bridge Contest?

In the Bridge Contest, students make a model bridge using limited materials, and compete on the ratio of the weight of the bridge to the weight that can be withstood (specific load). This practice allows students to find the secrets of structural strength and apply that knowledge to strength design.

Let’s look at laboratories

A laboratory of the Department of Applied Sciences

Students conduct research on proteins. They work hard on their research by repeating experiments and discussions.
Research on muscle contraction is conducted here, and the results will be used for the prevention and improvement of arteriosclerosis and myocardial infarction.

A laboratory of the Department of Information and Electronic Engineering

Computer skills are the basic requirement for students in the information-related laboratory.
They analyze the results of programming simulations, improve algorithms, and develop systems. While consulting with professors, older students, and friends, they continue to make improvements every day.

Here, with “optimization” as the keyword, students are working on the structural design of aircraft and phase retrieval in diffraction microscopes. For example, the establishment of a phase retrieval method in diffraction microscopes will clarify the structure of proteins with atomic-scale resolution, accelerating the development of new drugs and carbon materials.

Creating the future of robots

Robot Arena

In this facility, students take on the challenge of making robots, get excited at robot contests, and are trained to be robot experts through study and research.
There are also hands-on classes that can be enjoyed by elementary school students and adults alike, and activities to engage in new businesses in collaboration with local, Japanese and overseas companies. Elementary school students, college students, local residents and researchers are all interested in robots in this space.

There are a variety of robots, such as a robot that allows people with trouble in their hands to have a meal by themselves by operating the robot with their jaws, a robot that finds the shortest distance to the exit of a maze, and a robot that plays soccer. This arena can be visited not only by Muroran IT students but also by the general public.
Events for elementary school students are also held in which students make kits and play with children.

Increasing interest in manufacturing

Manufacturing and Engineering Design Center (cremo)

As a technical college in Muroran, a manufacturing town, the institute is expanding the scope of activities to extracurricular activities, such as exchanges with neighboring elementary, junior high and high schools, cooperation with local companies and organizations, and interaction with local residents. Events held at this center include manufacturing symposiums and lecture meetings, techno cafes, the Iburi Education Forum, and children’s manufacturing classes. This center is also engaged in technical exchanges and technology transfer with local engineers.

cremo can be used by any Muroran IT student. Here, students can make a variety of things using specialized machines. The center is used in classes mainly in mechanical departments, and it is also used by students for their hobbies.
The staff of cremo are students of the institute. You can enjoy using it under the guidance of the kind staff.