Extracurricular activities

College students have a lot of free time.
There are days when classes start from noon and even when there are no classes. Vacation may last for more than a month.
How you spend such time is up to you.
It is good to work part-time. It is also good to devote yourself to club activities. You can give yourself to a hobby or study.


College students can try various things.
Whether you live alone or in a dormitory, you will have plenty of time to work part-time or enjoy club activities.
Through such activities, you may be able to interact with locals.

Club activities

Muroran IT has a wide range of athletic and cultural clubs and groups.
There are also groups engaged in activities unique to Muroran IT, such as the Eco-Run Project, in which students make fuel-efficient cars by themselves.
If you belong to a club, you can have various experiences that you can only have in college. You can also meet like-minded people.


Muroran Institute of Technology provides students with opportunities to fully demonstrate their independence and creativity.
Some of the activities of students who are working toward their goals with their friends are outlined here.

Go! Handmade rocket!

We are designing and producing rockets such as hybrid rockets that are launched using a mixture of solid fuel and gas oxidizer, with the aim of winning the national competition for handmade rockets. We are also making a planetary unmanned exploration robot referred to as “Rover.”
The real thrill is to be able to make things together with friends who have the same interests, and to actually move or fly what we have made.

Students Aerospace Research & Development (SARD)

Aiming for the Japan International Birdman Rally!

We are making an airplane for the Japan International Birdman Rally (a competition in which participants compete on the flight distance and time of homemade human-powered airplanes) held every summer.
While being involved in a field we love, we are working together toward one goal.

Aviation Study Group