The Aerospace Plane Research Center (APReC) was established to yield the basic core technologies for flying at high speed and high altitude in the atmosphere.

The APReC have some test facilities for aerospace field such as rocket engine firing test equipment up to 1-ton class, the largest supersonic wind tunnel at universities in Japan, the only high-speed test track in Japan, etc.

Many collaborative research projects are being conducted at the APReC.
The Shiraoi engine test site of the APReC is located in abundant nature, 45 minutes away from the Mizumoto campus by car. Various field tests can be performed on the site of approximately 1.5 ha (300 m x 50 m).

Despite the relatively cool climate, there is little snow, and we can conduct experiments all year round.
In addition, The APReC will set up a satellite office in Taiki-cho town since 2020 to accelerate joint research with Interstellar Technologies Inc. and the own research project, and also contribute to the Hokkaido Spaceport concept.

Furthermore, we are working on the Linear Hyper-G academic research, and are promoting
the activities for establishing the center of excellence (COE) of this research field.


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