Course of Physics and Materials Sciences

The objective of this course is to provide students with a broad understanding of fundamental physics-the foundation of natural sciences.
This course also covers materials science and informatics as applications of physics.
Our goal is to foster scientists and engineers with a strong exploratory mind who will contribute to clarifying the mechanisms of nature and creating new functional materials that will help solve both global and local societal issues.

Educational and Learning Objectives

This course systematically provides students with a comprehensive overview of physics and materials
science; typical topics include quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics, condensed matter physics and
laser physics.
These are aimed at honing the ability to understand the intrinsic nature and structure of materials on an atomic scale, leading to the creation of new functional materials and leading-edge technology.
To utilize extensive knowledge of physics and materials science for applications, students are also provided with basic knowledge of and skills in information technology through experimental and exercise subjects including graduation research.