Course of Architecture and Civil Engineering

This course provides practical education on the planning, design, and construction technology of architectural facilities or the larger structures, such as roads, bridge, parks, dams, etc. The course nurtures personnel who can contribute to the production of a safe and comfortable environment with a broad perspective, encompassing spiritual enrichment through nature.

Educational and Learning Objectives

This course mainly provides systematic education in the field of architecture and civil engineering. In the first half of the second semester in the second grade, the students will study introductive subjects and core curriculums about architecture and civil engineering. After the second half of the second semester in the second grade, the curriculum of the course is divided into an architecture track and a civil engineering track.
The architecture track is mainly organized by subjects for eligibility requirements, such as architectural planning and design, building construction and material, etc. The civil engineering track is organized by subjects about specialized technology regarding planning, design, and construction of civil engineering structures.